Sure ways to spot a fake watch without being wrong

How to spot a fake watch is a topic that we will never stop talking about. As long as money is involved, attempts to fraud people will always be there as underground markets thrive in counterfeit watches. We are not discussing the $30 fake Omega wrist watch that’s easy to spot a mile away. But we’re talking about a certain level of counterfeiting that takes experience and research to know if you’re getting into a legit or sour deal.

You’ll know you’re getting a raw deal when someone offers you a $1,000-worth Rolex Submariner. Nevertheless, how about genuine Submariner watches that sell slightly below the average market price? If you’re approaching a dealer or seller you don’t know, at least make sure you know the thing you’re going for.

Almost all brands, ranging from Rolex, Audemars Piguet to Zenith have fake versions being sold in the market as genuine. But beside the proverbial ”if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, you need other solid pointers to rely on when seeking a genuine watch brand. Unless you are intent on teching up by exploring some of the best smartwatches on the market, we suggest you read on.

How to spot a fake watch: the tips

It’s in the visual detailsaid3708187-728px-Spot-Fake-All-Star-Converse-Step-3-Version-2

Experience goes a long way into helping you choose a genuine watch. But if you don’t have experience, expert and manufacturer helpful can be handy.

When it comes to putting visual details under scrutiny, you need to take quality of finish, exterior and use of material into account. You’re going to consider things like the crown, bracelet, case, pusher and so forth. Many details are found in the dial.

In these details, you will be able to pick up signs using a high resolution image from an authentic version of the watch you want to buy. You will get it right if you do a side by side comparison.

Fake watches will differ in terms of the following things:

(a) Print quality on the dial
(b) Size of hour makers
(c) Size of logo
(d) Typography
(e) Wording on the dial

Be careful however

You need to note that some manufacturers will also work with different dial suppliers. Therefore, it’s not always true that any deviation or change is a sign that the watch is fake.

Specific Watermarks

Some reputable brands use special watermarks to make it hard for counterfeiters to catch up. For instance, Omega has a small symbol (a globe symbol) at the back of the casing. It seems very difficult to copy.

And then there’s Rolex with their laser-etched crowns engraved in sapphire crystals. The serial number of the watch is shown on the dial.

These brands also never use of a transparent case back. In most cases, the movement in these watches will make it clear whether or not the watch is genuine. However, keep in mind that some counterfeiters will try closing in using imitated ETA movements, although they somehow fail to finish them at a higher level which resembles the real deal.

Finally, the high-end timepieces

High-end timepieces belonging to companies like Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne are hard or impossible to imitate. The cost of producing similar-looking pieces is just too high or impossible to fathom. For this reason, certain brands will be safe from imitations. We are therefore safe here.


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