Recognizing Fake Goods


Sometimes when you go shopping and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you may come across a product that looks name-brand and like all others of its kind. So you buy it, hoping to save a little cash. Then you bring it home, and the truth is finally known. It is not “the real McCoy,” so to speak. There are some discrepancies. This paper will help you, the consumer, know more about what to look for if you’re in doubt.

Why We Usually Fall for Fake Products

As consumers, we all want to save a bit of money, if we possibly can. After all, why pay $1,000 for a computer that looks the same as one of the same price, but for only half as much? Although, as the WikiHow website points out, not all fake products sell at lower prices than their genuine counterparts, the lower price is usually a hint. Counterfeiters know, indeed, that we are drawn to money-saving deals.

What We Can Do to Protect Ourselvesrolex-info

We most certainly can be watchful. Pay attention to the labeling, and to the parts in the package. Compare it to others of the same kind in the aisle. If some part of the label is missing on the box, it’s probably fake. Scammers don’t take the time to copy all U-L listings, directions, or whatever on the container. Sometimes, words are misspelled.

Second, look for products that are flimsily made or sloppily put together. For example, if a knob on the radio you’ve bought falls off a little more easily than you are used to, that should alert you that the product was not professionally made, but by someone wanting to counterfeit something in order to make a quick amount of money.

Third, look for safety labeling missing from the container. This means UL listings, and other important information, if it is an electronic product. This could mean directions missing from cold medicine, or other kind of medication.

Any phone numbers, email addresses or other information from the manufacturers should be on the container. If any of this material is missing, do not buy the product, no matter how real it looks. A reputable company will always have this information present.

What Else to Know About Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting products is a crime for a reason. It costs the real manufacturers who sells these products by mistake millions of dollars through lost customers, and because of decreased revenue, it could cost people their jobs. It could also result in the death of a customer or a loved one of that person–as would be the case if someone were to buy a “knock-off” brand of cold medicine that had a chemical in it that is toxic. Keep all receipts and be ready to return any product you may suspect is a counterfeit. Notify the store from which you bought it, and maybe they can file a complaint against the manufacturer.


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Sure ways to spot a fake watch without being wrong

How to spot a fake watch is a topic that we will never stop talking about. As long as money is involved, attempts to fraud people will always be there as underground markets thrive in counterfeit watches. We are not discussing the $30 fake Omega wrist watch that’s easy to spot a mile away. But we’re talking about a certain level of counterfeiting that takes experience and research to know if you’re getting into a legit or sour deal.

You’ll know you’re getting a raw deal when someone offers you a $1,000-worth Rolex Submariner. Nevertheless, how about genuine Submariner watches that sell slightly below the average market price? If you’re approaching a dealer or seller you don’t know, at least make sure you know the thing you’re going for.

Almost all brands, ranging from Rolex, Audemars Piguet to Zenith have fake versions being sold in the market as genuine. But beside the proverbial ”if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, you need other solid pointers to rely on when seeking a genuine watch brand. Unless you are intent on teching up by exploring some of the best smartwatches on the market, we suggest you read on.

How to spot a fake watch: the tips

It’s in the visual detailsaid3708187-728px-Spot-Fake-All-Star-Converse-Step-3-Version-2

Experience goes a long way into helping you choose a genuine watch. But if you don’t have experience, expert and manufacturer helpful can be handy.

When it comes to putting visual details under scrutiny, you need to take quality of finish, exterior and use of material into account. You’re going to consider things like the crown, bracelet, case, pusher and so forth. Many details are found in the dial.

In these details, you will be able to pick up signs using a high resolution image from an authentic version of the watch you want to buy. You will get it right if you do a side by side comparison.

Fake watches will differ in terms of the following things:

(a) Print quality on the dial
(b) Size of hour makers
(c) Size of logo
(d) Typography
(e) Wording on the dial

Be careful however

You need to note that some manufacturers will also work with different dial suppliers. Therefore, it’s not always true that any deviation or change is a sign that the watch is fake.

Specific Watermarks

Some reputable brands use special watermarks to make it hard for counterfeiters to catch up. For instance, Omega has a small symbol (a globe symbol) at the back of the casing. It seems very difficult to copy.

And then there’s Rolex with their laser-etched crowns engraved in sapphire crystals. The serial number of the watch is shown on the dial.

These brands also never use of a transparent case back. In most cases, the movement in these watches will make it clear whether or not the watch is genuine. However, keep in mind that some counterfeiters will try closing in using imitated ETA movements, although they somehow fail to finish them at a higher level which resembles the real deal.

Finally, the high-end timepieces

High-end timepieces belonging to companies like Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne are hard or impossible to imitate. The cost of producing similar-looking pieces is just too high or impossible to fathom. For this reason, certain brands will be safe from imitations. We are therefore safe here.


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Top Selling Watch Makers of All Time

Who are the top selling watch makers of all time? Ask men who understand brands and the glamor that such timepieces come with. You’ll also hear them mentioning something to do with showing off to girls who might under-estimate one’s worth. These watches speak on behalf of their owners, so they don’t always have to use their mouths to declare all their worth.

Therefore, it emerges that wrist watches and other accessories play a vital role in one’s life. If you have a taste for elegance, then you’ll recon that these top selling watch makers have truly excelled since they introduced themselves to the world.

– Bulova
– Mont Blanc
– Hamilton
– Omega
– Seiko
– Citizen
– Rolex

1 Bulovabulova-precisionist

This is a branded company that has always stayed true to reasonable pricing and top-notch quality. Bulova has been doing a great job in providing premium watches to consumers across the globe.

The history of watches from this company is marked by innovation. Look, this company has its watch parts made in Swiss and assembled in the United States of America.

2 Mont Blancmontblanc-timewalker-chronograph-utc-automatic-mens-watch-107303

This company has won itself a good reputation of the best pen brands in the globe. Their watches are also ranked among the top selling watches in the world. The reason why they are so successful is because this company focuses on efficiency, comfort and best pricing.

3 Hamilton41rnsS7pKVL._SL250_

When consumers hear the word ”Hamilton”, they know that they are only getting nothing but quality. Hamilton is a top brand in making attractive watches that sell within reasonable price range. Most of their timepieces are worth anywhere between $500 and $2,000.


Omega has built a name for itself where unique design and technology is involved in the making of wrist watches. In fact, some of their wrist watches work in zero-gravity situations, meaning you can take them to space and they’ll work just fine.

Omega’s success was so vital now that their timepieces have always been promoted by the James Bond character in movies.

5 Seikodownload

Seiko is famed for being the first company ever to create a quartz watch and present it to the world. Since they invented their quartz time pieces, their consumers have since spread their popularity across the globe, with new designs coming up every other time. You will not miss out on Seiko when you look at the ultimate list of top selling watch makers of all time.

6 Citizen

They make extra-ordinary wrist watches at pocket-friendly prices. If you’re a consumer looking for an extraordinary timepiece, a Citizen-branded wrist watch will offer you the perfect solution for a reasonable investment. Like Bulova, they’ve also been in the forefront of innovation and this has been reflected in the timepieces they make.

7 RolexRolex-submariner-16610-watch-3

Everyone agrees that Rolex is the most popular watch brand in the world, hence the high price tag that comes with some of their watches. Because of their expensive price tag, consumers generally have to think twice if they really need a Rolex machine on their wrists.


There are many more popular timepieces in the market right now. Some cater for the high-end market while others target the mid-level consumer market. But so far, the ones listed above are the most popular watch brands of all time.


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Exploring Where Fake Watches Get Made – Avoiding Them Outright

There’s something amazing about a watch. When you have one on, you not only have a bit of history, you have a piece that makes you look professional, and interesting. That’s why fashion watches haven’t gone away, even though smartphones and other technologies keep us in the loop with what time it is. If you find yourself looking for watches, and you’re serious about getting a timepiece that highlights your individuality, you’ll need to know how to spot fakes. Right now there are a lot of indicators as to where are fake watches made. Some will say that it’s China, and others will state a different locale. Truth be told, there are several locations that you can explore that will indicate where fake watches are in fact being made.Genuine-Fake-Turkey-6

It’s not enough to know where fakes are being made. You need to know how to avoid purchasing them. Knowing a few signs and details about this can help you make the right decision in regards to your next time piece. That’s why the following tips are so important, they are going to highlight what to look for to avoid paying for something that is absolutely false.

The Language of Fakes

The first thing that you need to know about looking into fakes is the language that is used to promote them. Look online for questions like, where are fake watches made, and you’ll get a lot of opinions on the matter. But one thing is for sure, many watch manufacturers have 1 location where they are made, not several, and many times, not in a foreign language. While there are some corporations that have divisions in different countries, you’ll find that they translate all of their marketing collateral into the language that is local to them.

With that in mind, look for language errors in what you may buy. You’re going to find that fakes are usually written with marketing language that is not only erroneous, but it will not be printed on high quality paper, and not packaged in the right box. It’s imperative that you read through the information kit on any watch you want to buy, and if there is none, walk away.

Cheap Buildsgenuine-fake-watches

The reason why so many people are confused when they purchase watches is because they seem legit. If you’re only looking for a brand name, you may be able to find a watch that looks legitimate. But it’s important to understand the build quality goes beyond just a name. That’s right, you need to know that build is everything, and when you have a counterfeit in your eyesight, you can tell whether or not it’s real based on the build quality.

Consider weight, size, shape, and intricate details that are going to denote whether or not you have a real watch on your hands. Cheap builds point towards where fakes are made, and usually it points towards warehouses in China and other locales that are speeding through the build process.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that if you search for, where are fake watches made, you’ll find a lot of information. Cheap knockoff watches come from China, Taiwan, and even some in the United States. Fakes abound, but if you know what to look for, you’ll be able to avoid spending money on fake options.

If you remember nothing else, remember that a “cheap” watch will always seem too good to be true in terms of price. If you remember that, you’ll be able to avoid spending money on the wrong things overall.



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